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Have you ever thought about investing in yourself? You go to the gym, you eat well, ..., you take care of yourself, but have you thought about taking care of your mental health? Do you think that you suffer too much for everything, that there are situations that overwhelm you,...?

You can do something for yourself. Psychology deals with the human mind and our emotional world so that we can live in mind-body-heart balance.







relationship problems


They seem like big words, but sometimes sensations such as excessive tiredness, lack of concentration, lack of sleep and/or appetite, hostility, mood swings, and other symptoms are indicators that something is not right.


Through schema therapy we can make a profound change, suffer less,  we can improve our mood and our well-being . Psychology and the professionals who dedicate ourselves to it can help you.


Schema therapy is a type of third-generation cognitive behavioral therapy that incorporates elements from other therapeutic schools and is designed to reach difficult and complicated cases such as chronic depression, disorders with other comorbidities, personality disorders, etc. ..  


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Quality and personalized therapy. You can perform online therapy from home, without travel or waiting times.  

Request your time through the contact email or from the instagram account @psinapsi. 

I offer you therapy in 4 languages. Spanish, Catalan, German and English.

Et can offer therapy in Spanish, Catalan, German or English.

Ich biete Therapie in 4 Sprachen an, Spanisch, Katalan, Deutsch oder Englisch.

I offer therapy in 4 languages, Spanish, Katalan, German and English.

I offer you face-to-face therapy in the center of Barcelona. 

I am in Plaza Gala Placídia, next to Avenida Diagonal and Paseo de Gracia.

Through face-to-face therapy, the session becomes closer, more direct and without distractions. You will have your time and space.


The sadness.  

One more emotion, but what is its purpose? Why do we live it so intensely? Why does it invalidate us so much?  

Surely you have experienced it at some time or are living it right now. It doesn't have to be a depression, it can be dysthymia (sadness - constant apathy) or simply something temporary for a specific reason. We can learn to deal with sadness, learn to manage it without having to repress it.

Find out in my last blog post.

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